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Biography: David Snell

David has worked for over 15 years as an Executive Officer/IT Director or Executive Manager. In that time he spent five years as a IT Director in Investment Banking, involved in Europe wide rationalisation, consolidation, and various mergers, for which he was technically responsible.


Since becoming an Interim, he has covered assignments in Local Government, Central Government, Banking and Financial Services Industry.  He has continued to work with Executive Officers and Directors at Board Level, enabling their organisations to realise major IT Programmes, in challenging environments.  As part of this, he works alongside the organisation and it’s IT Staff providing strategic guidance and direction, developing their systems and operational processes.  This allows IT to add value to the core business processes via cost savings in systems, licensing, infrastructure efficiency and staff development.  He has extensive experience of computing and communications over WAN, MAN, LAN and WiMax, with senior contacts in the telecoms industry and within the ISP community.


All the roles he works on are sensitive to the stakeholders, requiring tact and diplomacy to win over Staff, Management and Executive Officers.  Consequently, most of his assignments are covered by NDAs, and they remain confidential.


David is a highly skilled IT Leadership Professional and business systems solutions specialist with extensive technical IT expertise, detailed business knowledge and proven ability to make viable contributions at senior business management level. Fully conversant with industry standards and best of breed practices through the full project lifecycle, David has a consistent track record in delivering cost effective strategic solutions. He has strong people skills, with proven ability to build successful, cohesive teams and interact well with individuals across all levels of the business. David is committed to promoting the ongoing development of IS skills across an organisation. He has been an active member of IPUG sitting on various SIGs and has spoken at DWT on several occasions. He maintains a deep understanding of the technology and issues facing the industry.  He has written an academic paper about the impact of STP on the industry and has published an article on the impact of MiFID. He also publishes articles on Leadership, Change Management, Project Management, BCP and DR


When not delivering engagements for organisations, he lectures Post Graduation Students at a Business School in London.  David lectures on Leadership, Change Management and Organisational Resource Management.  He was also instrumental in developing a NGO MBA covering Entrepreneurial Community Development.


Born in Hamburg, he was brought up in SE Asia, educated in Australia and the UK. On leaving education he worked extensively overseas. As a result of this, he has extensive cross-cultural skills that have enabled him to work either in or with Japanese, Malaysian, Indian, Pakistani, Arab and European environments.


David says he enjoys a challenge. This can be seen by the assignments he accepts. He describes them as “Mission Improbable rather than Impossible”. They are projects that either the client or their agents do not feel comfortable attempting, due to time or resource constraints. He will look at the client’s problems and assess the risks, issues and options. If he feels confident that the project is possible, he will discuss the clients’ options and negotiate terms.